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Identity & Purpose

Who We Are

The Coalition of Developmental Disabilities Voices (CDDV) is a membership organization that provides information, outreach and advocacy on behalf of individuals with disabilities, their family members, legal guardians, and other support service providers to preserve choice and ensure that a full spectrum of services of job-training, employment and other rehabilitative services are preserved. CDDV membership is open to disability service providers, individuals, family members, and community organizations.

What We Believe

All individuals with developmental disabilities have the right to choice in defining success for themselves. CDDV supports choice for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families regarding quality of life decisions that affect their lives in the communities where they live, work, and play.

A comprehensive spectrum of services for individuals with developmental disabilities ensures the most effective and efficient service delivery, guaranteeing the individuals’ and families’ right to determine how they wish to live their lives.

Individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, and community support networks that believe in the power of choice will speak with one voice to ensure legislation, policies and services that affect lives remains in the forefront of our work.

The current service system in Washington State does not adequately address the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. State and local government should fully support a service system that is committed to meeting the needs of its developmentally disabled citizens.

What We Do

The CDDV is passionate about supporting people with developmental disabilities and their families, ensuring they have choice in the services provided by the State to achieve their highest level of training, employment and community integration. We believe in their capabilities. We honor their determination. We celebrate their successes. Working together we will provide an influential voice and powerful unified presence at the highest levels of state and county government.

We will accomplish this through information sharing, outreach and advocacy initiatives:

• Delivering relevant and meaningful information.

• Building a strong voice representing the issues most important to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

• Developing meaningful relationships with policymakers.

• Collecting and assessing key information related to disability services in Washington.

• Influencing state and county policies and legislation, so the voice of individuals and families remains clear and strong.